Water Power Services

Water Power Services has been in business since 1982. Founded by Fiacc OBrolchain, the company is a hydropower consultancy that can undertake all stages of development of a hydropower site from feasibility to commissioning.

The company designs, installs and maintains small hydropower schemes and is responsible for commissioning over 20 small schemes up to 300 kW.

All stages of a project can be undertaken including feasibility, licensing, design, specification, preparation of tender documents, project management and commissioning.

Irish Hydro Power Association

Fiacc OBrolchain is a founder member and General Secretary of the IHPA, which represents the hydropower producers and manufacturers in Ireland. Currently the IHPA is responsible for lobbying government to secure prices and conditions for the members selling to the national utility.

Fiacc is also member of the Governing Board of the European Small Hydropower Association (ESHA).