About Water Power Services

Water Power Services has experience in all the areas of expertise that are necessary for the development of a hydropower site. The consultancy also has experience in many types of sustainable/renewable energy projects.

Each hydropower site is unique, and must have a design that is appropiate for that specific site.  There is a range of solutions available in the design of a hydropower site, from the design of the civil construction to the selection of the mechanical and electrical equipment necessary to develop the site to its best potential.

Irish Hydro Power Association

Fiacc OBrolchain is a founder member and General Secretary of the IHPA, which represents the hydropower producers and manufacturers in Ireland. One of Fiacc’s responsibilities is to lobby government to secure prices and conditions for the members selling to the national utility.  Fiacc attended a post grad course in Vienna in small hydro power, this was the first course of its type in the world.

The IHPA’s web site is at http://www.irishhydro.com/

Fiacc is also a member of the Governing Board of the European Small Hydropower Association (ESHA) www.esha.be

Architectural Practice

Fiacc OBrolchain is also a qualified architect. Design skills and experience in obtaining planning permission are essential to developing hydropower schemes. Fiacc’s architectural practice includes renovation of existing houses and mill buildings.