Developing A Hydro Site

The following is an outline of typical steps and the service that Water Power Services can provide.

1 Preliminary Site Visit and Desktop Study

This will give you information of the potential power of the site and outline the cost of development and the potential revenue.

  • Site visit. This is best carried out with the client present and provides an appraisal of the client’s wishes and the physical characteristics of the site
  • Search of available documents and statistics to asses the flow and the duration of that flow on the site
  • Assessment of planning and other constraints and identification of agencies to be dealt with during development
  • Possible design solution and costs. Initial estimate of likely revenue and payback time

Average Cost: €750 + VAT

2 Outline Design and Planning Application

This is the licensing stage. The planning process in Ireland is a complex process; it can take at least six months to obtain permission.

  • Detailed survey of the site and preparation of sufficient drawings to make a planning application
  • Preparation of environmental assessment and report on the site
  • Pre-planning meetings with planners, fisheries and other interested bodies.
  • Preparation of Planning Application
  • Follow up with any requests for further information
  • Application to ESB Networks for an interconnection with the National Grid

Typical cost: 3% of project cost

3 Detailed Project Design

This is the preparation of detailed contract and tender documents for the individuals and companies who will actually build the project.

  • Preparation of detailed drawings including structural details for all construction work
  • Negotiation with sub contractors
  • Obtaining firm quotations from all possible suppliers
  • Drawing up timetable of construction
  • Planning types and means of access

Typical cost: 3% of project cost

4 Supervision of Construction

Construction of the project is supervised through to completion.

  • Inspection of all stages of site work
  • Co-ordinating delivery of various elements of the scheme
  • Supervising installation of the elements
  • Co-ordinating the hook-up between the different elements and trades

Typical cost: 2 to 3% of project cost

5 Commissioning

Start up, testing and training

  • Supervision the commissioning and start up
  • Co-ordinating any testing
  • Co-ordinating any necessary training

Typical cost: 1 to 2% of project cost

The overall fees for a small hydro scheme are usually in the region of 8% to 11% of the total project cost.