Recent Projects

With the sudden rise in oil prices in 2008 and the promise of a better price for renewable energy,  interest has increased in hydropower in Ireland.

Since 2012 Water Power Services was commissioned to conduct over 20 site visits followed by desktop studies. Three of these projects have obtained planning permission and are at construction organisation stage.

Recent feasibility studies:

  1. Water treatment works 360kW on a 4.3 metre head
  2. University 48kW on a 2.4 metre head
  3. Private house  35kW on a 2.3 metre head
  4. Residential Centre 100kW on a 2.6 metre head
  5. Hydro site 300kW on a 12.0 metre head
  6. Apartment Block 55kw on a 1.8 metre head

Completed schemes:

  1. River Slaney 100kW on a 2.4 metre head
  2. Dunlavin 6kW on a 4.5 metre head
  3. Enniskerry 10kW on a 12 metre head
  4. River Tar 120kW on a 3.5 metre head
  5. River Nore 70kW on a 2.2 metre head
  6. Private house 28kW on a 2.6 metre head